The Brogue

Motherhood is all about making the best of what you’ve got, and this doesn’t just include refereeing a fight over a Goodies snack bar with the diplomacy you learnt in a short-lived PR job aged 21. No, if you pull yourself together ish on a daily basis it helps you get through the day, even positively cheerfully. One smart/jazzy item that makes you feel happy is all you need, no effort required – promise. For me, it’s the shoe. Comfort comfort comfort comes first, but after that, go crazy. You could be wearing leggings with holes in them and a stained t-shirt under an enormous parka, but all anyone will see on the nursery run is, in this case, a gleaming pair of silver brogues. They make me smile every time I wear them and are loads better then tatty Converse, but just as comfy.

These are old and sadly not available, but see similar here