Why would you call a sleep consultant? I can’t speak for others, but here were my reasons for caving with my second: •I was determined not to fall again into the sleep black hole that is still our first child •I wanted to start on the right foot this time •It’s the only advice anyone […]

Milestone cards

I never bothered with those milestone cards (I’m inherently lazy), but if I had, I would be triumphantly rifling through the pack now to select the most anticipated of all, the card of cards: I slept through the night for the first time. And would I be balancing it gently on my sleeping infant, as above? […]

Coffee cup

It was while I scrolling through Instagram at midnight, an hour and a half after I had come up to bed for a much-needed early night, that I suddenly felt weary. Squares and squares and squares of images, enough to make you cross-eyed, all depicting parenthood as we know it today. Many are beautiful, or life-affirming, […]

Top and tail bowl

I’ve done many ridiculous, awful things as a mother. I’ve ignored poonamis at 3am when I’m too exhausted to even turn my head, let alone wake a baby it’s just taken me two hours to get to sleep in order to change her nappy. I’ve diligently changed the bed sheets twice in one night when […]