I’m Hannah; freelance writer and editor, mum of two and general procrastinator.

I’ve been tempted to start a blog for years but haven’t done so because a) in the free time I have, I choose to blankly stare out my office window when I should be powering through work deadlines and b) well it’s so passé now, who hasn’t got a blog? In the end, the clichés won, as clichés tend to do – if you can’t beat them, join them, etc etc – and in the general spirit of being so disgusted at my own dithering, I actually began this (yes! an excuse for a whole day of messing around with design and fonts, oh joy).

Since having my first daughter in 2013, I’ve been struck not by how hard, how tiring, how wonderful it all is, but by how monotonous. After the first six months, and definitely after the first year, this thankfully fades and gives way to the more fun general chaos and hilarity that a little person wreaks, but the daily grind and the 3pm slump remains, and it’s not glamorous or funny. After the birth of my second daughter in January 2016, while drowning in baby crap I’d still fallen for second time around, it occurred to me that these cold pieces of plastic and squares of soft cotton which surrounded me could reveal a lot about this general mundanity, if you cared to think about it. And, spending all day with my perfect little baby, believe me I did.

It’s not the big, annual events that make up a life, it’s the little moments of nothing, and the same goes for the items we use to fill our days. The Sleepyheads, the muslins, the breast pumps and the Tommee Tippee sippy cups tell a much more interesting story than the framed pictures on the wall, and it’s a story worth telling.

Enjoy the blog, and if you fancy it, drop me a line at hannah@mundanemummy.com

Thanks for reading,

Hannah xx