Essentials – The Easy Children’s Gift

IMG_2312  IMG_2313

I came across My Pocket Money Toy on Instagram (as you do all the best things in life) and was instantly seduced. They take all the fuss out of buying presents by sending boxes of beautifully wrapped and carefully chosen gifts through the post – what’s not to love? It’s a subscription service, but you can choose to just get a one-off box, or make it into a monthly treat. Fab idea too for other people’s children, who you’re never really sure what to get. Trust me, they’ll love it. Previously, Dory has received a Unicorn box (we have her stained glass unicorn hanging on our window months later) and a Halloween box full of spooky games and treats that’s kept her busy. I mean, I know I sound a bit wild-eyed enthusiastic, but I’m not exaggerating here – LOOK at the contents of Dory’s Christmas box – chocolate pizza, stickers, games, socks, colouring, treats . . While Christmas is always LOTS of fun (she says through gritted teeth), it does involve lots of family and a few harmless bribes to make the children sit down for five minutes and interact nicely with those they see once a year. I’ll be bringing alllll this out. Oh, and it came with a Mummy Box with chocolate and socks for me! Win! Just browsing their store, I see they also have little boxes for grandparents and other family members who always end up sitting there and smiling politely while the children turn feral amongst the wrapping paper. That’s a sweet idea too. Buy buy buy, seriously it brings new meaning to Essentials: get it here.

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