Essentials – The Skirt


Browsing through my Instagram recently, as you do, I noticed that in the relatively few pics of me, I was wearing this skirt every single time. So while I do promise I own other clothes, I had to share the love. It really is an absolute essential; I find it much easier than jeans to wear as it’s flattering and goes with EVERYTHING (leopard print is a neutral, obvs) and anyway the more clashing, the better. It’s comfy, forgiving (elasticated waistband) and keeps you cool. What’s not to love? Well, probably the fact you can’t get it anymore – damn you Zara fast fashion! I do realise it’s not the same but they have the same cut currently in this season, just in bold colours, which I’ll probably end up getting as it’s the same deal – see here. Or, other retailers have got similar – try this? Otherwise, there’s many on eBay – good luck!

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