Essentials – The Raincoat


The middle of a heatwave MAY not be the right time to post this, but due to the fact I’ve had to pull this item out every other day in the last fortnight, I’m going to take my chances on a British summer. It took me a surprisingly long time to buy a raincoat, I suppose because it really did feel like defeat. I’ve always been one for comfort over cool but.. a raincoat?? However, there comes a time when your hands need to be doing more practical things than holding a stylish umbrella, like pushing a buggy, gripping the lead of a wayward dog or grimly balancing a coffee, so needs must. Years of experience have taught me that soggy parkas / fashion rain jackets and torrential rain don’t mix, and if you’re going to do this, you need to do it right. I love this one from Rains because it’s quite stylish, it’s light so you don’t get sweaty when doing all of the above, and it’s got loads of thoughtful details like big pockets and a peak on the hood so you don’t get rain in your eyes! I love that. It makes going out in lashing rain with whinging children and a sensitive dog who skirts every puddle positively.. OK. Get yours here.

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