Essentials – The Skirt


I’ve always loved leather, but before I had kids, I always thought of it as a bit out-of-the-ordinary, a more exciting version of jeans perhaps. How wrong I was. What the pre-me – who had never had milk or wee spilt on her on a daily basis, who washed stained clothes rather then swat them furiously with a wet wipe – didn’t realise was just how practical it is. Wipe clean, stain resistant, comfy – what’s not to love? I lived in a leather skirt and t-shirt for the first year of motherhood; it still let me feel like me but was easy. This one is one of my favourites. It’s a bit longer than the miniskirts I used to live in so a bit more grown-up, and it’s stretchy and soft so you can crawl around on the floor playing princess castles / dinosaurs / blocks without feeling restricted. And best of all, when a little human runs up to you and lovingly presses their chubby, Marmitey hands on your legs, begging to be picked up, you just sponge it right off. Surely an essential attribute for a piece of clothing. Get it here.

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