Essentials – The Dress


In the last couple of years, I have stopped buying more formal dresses when I need them, but rather when I see them – don’t get me wrong, it’s not an everyday habit, but it’s been  three buys in three years which is fairly sensible-ish. It’s taken me this long to realise when you’re on the desperate hunt for a dress for an event that night you’re not going to find it, but instead buy something that makes you feel self-conscious and fat. It doesn’t have to be premium either – I saw a floor-length black and glittery gold floaty dream from H&M which I bought when I was 6 weeks pregnant with Pearl, half-resigned to never wearing it. I wore it for the first time on my birthday this year, two years later (talk about delayed gratification). Anyway, when I saw this beautiful, silk, pale green number from one of my new favourite designers, Ganni, I knew I needed to buy it. Quirky detailing – pretty painted horses around the hem, gently frilled sleeves – combined with a slim fit and otherwise simple design, meant it was always going to be something I loved, and can wear for years. I bought it genuinely forgetting I had a black tie work event the following night, so job done. It’s new season, so if you want to invest, do so here.

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