Essentials – The Earring


Ah, multiple ear piercings, that most recent of midlife mum trends. (Midlife though?? Hopefully being a bit harsh here.) Sadly, I can’t claim any new piercings, as most are over 20 years old, but fortunately I can still freshen them up with new jewellery. After all these years of being pierced, I’ve eventually realised the false economy of buying cheap, fun hoops. They look great for a couple of months, but the moss-green ring that will eventually appear around the ‘diamond’ isn’t such a great look, TBF. Therefore, you need good quality metal but, with so many holes to dangle things from, they can’t be too pricey (maybe next year Maria Tash). These pineapples from I and I Jewellery fit the bill perfectly – reasonably priced, good quality and fun, you’ll get loads of comments on them. I have my eye on the cactus and North Star pair too. Buy your tropical fruit here.

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